Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fundamentals of Basketball

Footwork Fundamentals... triple threat position, pivoting, defensive stance and slides, jab step, cutting, jump-stop, etc.
Ball-Handling... ball-handling tips and drills.
Dribbling and Dribble-Moves... all players must learn to dribble well.
Passing Fundamentals... good passing is key.
Learning How to Shoot... teach your players how to shoot correctly.
Shooting Tips from NBA Coach Hal Wissel ... a series of shooting articles from an expert.
Coaching Shooting, Shooting Mechanics, Confidence and Rhythm, Correcting Shooting Errors, Developing a Quick Release, 3-Point Shooting, Rhythm and Range, Shooting Free-Throws, Shooting a Hook Shot, Basic Lead-Up ShootingDrills, Off the Dribble Shooting Drills
Jump-Shot... teaching how to shoot the jump-shot.
Hook-Shot... teaching how to shoot the classic hook-shot, the sky-hook and the jump-hook.
Free-Throw Shooting Techniques... good free-throw shooting will win those close games for you.
Correct Lay-up Technique... correct footwork and technique will result in players "finishing" more often.
Offensive Tips for Players... basic, simple offensive tips.
Guard Moves, Perimeter Play... how to play on the perimeter, triple-treat, jab step moves, attacking the defender, cutting, etc.
Playing the Point Guard Position ... tips for point guards.
Post-Player Fundamentals... playing the low and high post, and short corner.
Cutting and Faking... teach your players how to cut and fake and move without the ball.
Setting (and Using) Screens... teach how to set good screens.
Escaping from a Trap... how to avoid and escape a trap.
Transition Offense Fundamentals... teaching transition offense, the fast-break, 2-on-1, 3-on-2, etc.
Defensive Tips for Players... some basic defensive tips for players are presented.
Man-to-Man Defensive Techniques... teach on-ball defense, deny, helpside, etc.
Rebounding... box-out, defensive and offensive rebounding, free-throw rebounding.


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