Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jason Castro will be back soon to join the Phone Pals

Jason Castro will be back in town soon as he was still playing in the Malaysian Invitational for his second tournament with the Singapore Slingers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Castro played his first tournament with the Slingers in the recent Brunei Cup. He was named league MVP in that tournament, leading the team to the championship.He is also under contract with the Slingers in the National Basketball League in Australia. Since the Slingers withdraws from the tournament, Castro wants out and will be expected to join the Phone Pals soon. The standout and versatile guard of the Philippine Christian University, was picked 3rd overall by the Phone Pals in the recently concluded PBA draft. Negotiations is still in progress while the player is abroad and he is likely to get an P8.7 million package in three years. He is plan to practice with the Phone Pals after the Malaysian Invitational.


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