Sunday, May 2, 2010

Atlanta Hawks Soars High Over the Bucks

The Atlanta Hawks revived its dominance defeating the gritty Milwaukee Bucks on the road 83-69. It was a closed game for most part of the game and Milwaukee Bucks is on top until 6th man of the Year Jamal Crawford and Joe Johnson hit their mark and started to carry the Hawks. The two combined for 44 points in the game with Crawford scoring 24 points and Johnson added 20 points. Carlos Delfino was good once again for the Bucks as he lead the Bucks with 22 points. But it was the night by the Atlanta Hawks as they now tied the series 3-3 and the victory at home in game 7 will put them into the semifinals against well-rested Orlando Magic.


  1. Well it took the Hawks seven games to do it (beat the Bucks) and if they play like that against the Magic, their season is all but OVER… they got to step it up ten-fold!! Atlanta’s Achilles heal is going to be Dwight Howard and his size. Who is going to stop him… Nobody! Here is proof with a preview of the series:
    Dwight Howard will truly show why they call him Superman… Magic in 5 or 6 .. who you got?

  2. Yes, Dwight Howard is the person to stop in this series. But the series is finished and it is a sweep as an evidence.